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Our Late Bhausaheb Hiray S.S. Trust has been established by Dr. Baliramji Hiray (Ex-Education Minister Government of Maharashtra) with the sole view of providing Quality Education to the people of Maharashtra in the year 1977. Ours is a charitable trust with leading social workers, philanthropists and doctors as members.
With the above laudable objective, the trust has started various courses to cater for the various segments of people. It can be seen from the mile that we are marching on the path of victory in every field without exception.


Dr. Baliramji V.Hiray
Founder (Ex. Minister,Health & Education Maharashtra)
Mr. S.A.Sawant
President (Engineer & Industrialist)
Mr. G.N.Patil
Secretary (Lawyer)
Mr.Prasad B.Hiray
Managing Trustee (Engineer & Industrialist)
Mrs. Indiratai B.Hiray
Prof .D.D.Bachhav


    Our mission is to make quality education at an affordable cost to the rural and urban people. The fees charged in our Institutions are quite reasonable compared to other colleges in the concerned location. At the same time our philosophy is that our Institution should strive not only for the academic achievements but also for the overall development i.e. intellectual, social, cultural fields. Therefore we encourage our students to actively participate in all competitions, exhibitions, debates and cultural programmes held not only in our Institutions but also in the programmes held in other Institutions. It is gratifying to note that oui students from all streams are able to come out in colors in the various competitions held at the collegiate, state and national level. Our students of architecture have won prizes in the prestigious NASA competition for the last 3 years. It should be also pointed out that our results in B.Arch and MCA are uniformly good right from the first batch (about 100%).Also the placement of our students after their graduation or post graduation is uniformly 100 %, elevating our Institution to a prestigious level. These achievements amply support our mission statement of overall development of our students.


    Though a majority of the educational institutions concentrate their efforts in improving their final results, they have to work on the improvement of other skills as well, due to the following reasons. If we analyze the life of the students in detail we will have to come to the conclusion that their life is highly structured from K.G. to graduation. This is because a majority of the parents are very ambitious about the educational performance of their wards and forcibly send their children to various curricular as well as extra-curricular classes. Naturally, we observe that almost all children are preoccupied with various classes, projects and other related activities everyday. Virtually they have no free time for playing or interacting with others in a free atmosphere. Hence they are not able to develop a real and meaningful relationship with other students or even with close relatives. It should be remembered that man is a social animal and the denial of development of social skills will definitely affect him mentally and physically. Under these circumstances, when the students are facing some major problems, they unable to confide in close friends or even close relatives. Hence there will be a strong tendency to view defeat as an irrevocable disaster and suicidal thoughts will get the upper hand. It is therefore important that all the educational Institutions should strive hard to develop the social skills of the students along withacademic performance. As far as our Institute is concerned, we have laid out our core policy that our aim is for overall development of the students in all fields such as education, culture and sports. Hence we have made it a point to organize the Tarash Festival as an integral part of our curriculum for all the disciplines every year in a big way. It should be realized that this festival is of the students, by the students and for the students. Therefore all the students without exception take part in the various activities concerned with this mass festival and they are able to show their skills in planning, organizing, communicating and in the various other related activities without much help from the Institution. Naturally this festival gives a great opportunity for developing their social skills in particular, and they are able to fine tune their personality. Again we have gone one more step ahead by starting the "Save Tiger Movement" so that our concern for wild life and nature is developed in the early age of the students. We have organized two major rallies i.e. one from Mumbai to Goa(2011) and another from Mumbai to Kolhapur(2012). It is gratifying to note that the students of our college took active part in these rallies and this adds another feather to their cap in our efforts aimed at the overall development of the students. I am quite confident that this year's Tarash festival also will be quite successful, impressive and memorable like the previous ones. "Well done! Keep it up"

Prasad Hiray
Tiger Conservation & Research Center

Please visit our website www.savetigersofindia.org

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